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Knowledge Management is at the heart of our operations at MyURP. We aim to provide our workers, customers and stakeholders with useful and contextual information as required in regular company activities.


Change Management is the core process required for implementing new strategic initiatives. We offer a smooth and intuitive change management system that efficiently organizes plans and activities from a portfolio level context - through to operational tasks and activities.


We recognise that infrastructure is a huge overhead for technology and development teams in every company. We provide simple and useful infrastructure management tools which support rapid business expansion and complex technical operations.


Our supply-chain and Commerce management system is being built as an all encompassing Supply-Chain management suite. Use the supply chain and commerce management tools to monitor, maintain and analyse all the entire flow of your supply chain.

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Custom Software Solutions

We develop custom software solutions for our clients according to specific technical requirements. We aim to provide long-term solutions that enable business growth and efficiency. We provide cost and time-saving packages that negate the need for employing an entire software development team or department. Using our services companies are able to save thousands of pounds a year in recruitment and software development costs.

Our software is available online as-a-service, or available to purchase on-license and deployed directly to your organization's environment. We offer hosting, intranet portal development and office 635 integrated products.

We develop our software to support your existing operations and provide efficient and effective alternatives wherever we notice an opportunity for improvement.

Our digital solutions ramge from commerce and supply-chain management to Live assistance services that integrate with your existing website. Check our the self-service section to find out exactly which products are suitable for you.

Startup Business Support

If you or your company is a new business, we are here to provide additional support and services to get you on your feet. We offer a range of online software that is especially suited to small-medium sized business. A huge portion of our online software is currently completely free of charge and we are encouraging new businesses to take advantage of the fantastic limited-time offer.

We will not impose additional charges to customers that sign-up during any special offer unless clearly stated in the terms of the offer. Providing satisfying products and a great customer experience is our highest priority and we aim to provide truly excellent service throughout the business.

We are currently developing our internal systems in order to gain certification of our successes and comprehensive quality and security management policy.

The Market

Digitalised commercial operations and online commerce market of a company are growing rapidly. We want to enable your business to be at the forefront of management technology and we are dedicated to providing this.


Our mission... Providing time and money-saving solutions through the use of highly innovative software development.

Company Values

Customer Centricity

We provide value for our customers as our ultimate priority.

Security Focus

We develop our software, networks and infrastructure around the centralised principle of Security by Design.

Sustainable Service

We operate within our means as a tech startup. We priotise customer focus and develop resilient long-term solutions.

Logical Creativity

We aim to make our services as original as possible in order to provide maximum value to our clients unique strategy.


Custom-Website Services

We have a passion for creating efficient and beautiful websites exactly as you want them... Contact our team today to request a consultation. We offer quick and simple solutions that can be up and running within the hour. For larger companies we offer a fully managed service that guarantees your website stays available to customers when they need it.

Software Portfolio

Our software portfolio offers a range of services from e-commerce and Point-Of-Sale terminals to online chat applications. Our software is available to purchase online as-a-service, or on license and fully integrated into your company's secure network.

Online Management Software

MyURP has a core purpose for it's products. Unified resource planning. We understand the value of efficient integration between departmental systems and resources. We enable quick input formats of existing company data so you can preserve your history.