Application Development

Professional, well-managed and exceptional development services.

Our web-development services offer quick and valuable results. Outsourcing your system development needs to MyURP offers a fruitful alternative to hiring your own development department.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team are locked and loaded with fresh creativity and design techniques. Our services can efficiently optimise your marketing materials budget.


Enforcing network security and maintaining server processes.

Our network administration service means you can forget about the setup operations of managing your own hosting infrastructure and focus on development.

MyURP Core Management system

Business collaboration tools for professionals and enterprise...

MyURP Business Management System is a great tool for business collaboration and efficiency.

MyURP Software Services

Software development outsourcing offered in the most simple way possible.

The custom software available from MyURP is available on a license basis and allows your company to save huge amounts of time and money on your own development costs.

Project Focus Program

Simple and methodical management of complex projects.

At MyURP, project management and delivery drives our business. Our business ethic and culture has incorporated an immense amount of project delivery expertise for our project managers.

Technical Recruitment

Simplify, streamline and unify your hiring process

Use our technical expertise to investigate, report and outsource your Information Technology requirements.