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MyURP Unified Resource Planner - SME

Full access to the MyURP Web-Services product range including all future upgrades throughout the period of the subscription. This product provides access to the combination of services offered under the MyURP application domain. This product enables the number of users specified in the payment plan (a total of up to 50 users for a single organization) immediate access to the MyURP online offering. Users of the Unified Resource Planner will benefit from priority support, feature requests and customizable options specific to your organization available on an additional licensing basis - as priority.


  • Easily manage your contacts from a central point and download them whenever you want. Centralize your contact book to invite or inform people of your upcoming events. Use MyURP to send messages to your contacts via email, notification or SMS directly from the MyURP portal. Create groups for your contacts and easily send batch messages to people you want to engage with.
  • Easily manage your appointments and work schedule from a central point. The appointment service automatically schedules any appointment requests to save you time and money. Organizations can configure their specific appointment requirements and have the scheduling system coordinate activities and notify users accordingly.
  • The MyURP Calendar is the centralized dashboard for organizing your personal and company events. Use the calendar to summarize your schedule for the period, or use it to plan or retrace any period of time for your personal or company's usage.
  • Users of the United Resource Planner (URP) are entitled to priority support for any requests. Users can create support requests with the knowledge that their ticket will be acknowledged and resolved at the quickest possible opportunity. Organizations subscribed to the URP service will be assigned a personal account manager to ensure matters are dealt with using a personalized approach for each customer.

Pricing Plans

  • £10.00 (1 year renewal - per_unit billing) Subscribe