Apigee Test-drive

Google's PAAS technology on trial

As a piece of experimental work undertaken as part of an internal project, MyURP creates a full production implementation of Apigee PAAS an OAuth2.

Business Management System

Multi-industry Business Management System for business and enterprise

As part of the MyURP Web Services offering - our Knowledge Management System enables simple visualisation, access, coordination and control of business information.

Byte Directory Product Launch

File Storage Service

MyURP has launched an online storage service. This is provide simple, secure and effective storage for businesses and professionals.

MyURP Service Renovation

Business service renovation

To celebrate our first few successful years of business MyURP has undertaken a renovation of its current Websites and online portals.

MyURP Web Services

Unique Resource Planning - anywhere, anytime - powered by Internet technoloogy.

At long last, the intial release date of MyURP Web services has been announced for 1st July 2019, marking a monumental opportunity for MyURP.

New Software Development Manager

New Recruit for our Passionate Team

We have the pleasure of welcoming a new Software engineer to the team, bringing a wealth of passion and technical experince to MyURP development services.